Usage Groups

Feature Overview

Usage Groups provide a flexible way of creating cost categories within SELECT. They can be used to create showbacks or chargebacks for teams in your organization. That helps:

  1. Reduce the burden on central teams playing the role of 'query cop' 🚓
  2. Distribute costs across organizational units
  3. Encourage efficient use of Snowflake
  4. Flexibly allocate costs for shared warehouses

Managing Usage Groups

Usage Groups are managed from the Usage Groups page, accessible from the sidebar.

Creating Usage Groups

Usage Groups consist of a name and set of rules. To create a new Usage Group, click the 'New Group' button. An empty Usage Group will be created:

Creating a new Usage Group

Start typing in the input to get suggestions on corresponding values, along with their cost. Rules can be added and deleted using the buttons on the right.

Usage Group Order

Usage Groups can have overlapping rules. The order of the Usage Groups determines the precedence when assigning workloads. To adjust the order, click and drag using the triple line buttons.

Usage Groups throughout SELECT

Usage Groups can currently be utilized on both the Usage Group and all workloads pages. The all workloads page provides the ability to filter to specific Usage Groups, in addition to slicing.

Using Usage Groups on the all workloads page

Upcoming improvements

In the future, Usage Groups will support more attributes including query metadata from dbt and BI tools, user roles, schemas, databases, etc. It will also be possible to filter for a specific Usage Group from most pages in the SELECT UI. If you have a specific attribute you'd like to use with Usage Groups, please reach out to the SELECT team.