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dbt-snowflake-monitoring is a totally free, open-source dbt package built by the SELECT team to help you monitor both Snowflake and dbt performance and costs. Use the package to:

  • Understand Snowflake costs over time across a variety of useful dimensions (service, warehouse, database, etc.)
  • Attribute costs within a warehouse to different users or query workloads using our cost-per-query algorithm
  • Identify unused tables and their associated storage costs
  • Tag all dbt issued queries with rich metadata, enabling you to understand dbt resource costs and performance over time

Package Maintenance

Prior to releasing this package, snowflake-spend by the Gitlab data team was the only package available for monitoring Snowflake spend. According to their README, the package is currently maintained by the Gitlab data team, but there does not appear to be any active development in it (as of January 2023).

The dbt-snowflake-monitoring package is actively developed & maintained by the SELECT team. The package goes beyond modeling warehouse spend - it calculates cost per query using the methodology described here and all billable Snowflake components.