Lower your Snowflake spend

Gain visibility into costs, optimize performance and automatically save up to 40% on your Snowflake spend with the click of a button.

Lower Costs

SELECT automatically optimizes warehouse utilization and provides unprecedented visibility into account cost drivers, down to the workload level.

Save Time

SELECT’s automatic cost savings, comprehensive alerting and fast cost exploration experience enables teams to focus on business impact.

Optimize Performance

Created by Snowflake performance experts, SELECT provides recommendations to optimize query performance without increasing costs.

Latest Updates

Recent posts from our blog.

Identifying unused tables in Snowflake

Removing unused tables in your Snowflake account can reduce spend, increase security and improve overall warehouse usability. In this post, we show how to identify tables that have not been accessed recently.

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How to use Query Timeouts in Snowflake

Query timeouts are an important tool for Snowflake users looking to control costs and prevent accidental cost spikes. In this post we’ll cover why they’re useful and how they can be configured.

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