helps Snowflake users maximize ROI by providing visibility into spend, optimizing performance and automating savings.

Our Story

SELECT is the leading independent Snowflake cost and performance management solution committed to providing the most seamless experience for optimizing your Snowflake data warehouse.

The company was started in 2022 by co-founders Ian Whitestone and Niall Woodward. With extensive experience in optimizing data warehouses and improving query performance for multiple companies, we're taking all our learnings and building best-in-class tooling to help as many companies as possible maximize their Snowflake ROI.

Frequently asked questions

Anything we didn't cover below? Book a meeting with our team and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have.

SELECT is a SaaS product that helps Snowflake customers lower their costs, save time, and optimize performance.

Snowflake savings will vary depending on a variety of factors relating to how Snowflake is being used at your company. With that said, SELECT customers typically see a minimum 25% reduction in costs, coming from a combination of automated savings and cost savings recommendations surfaced in the product. Request a free Snowflake savings estimate from our team to help with your decision.

We're Hiring!

The team at SELECT is growing fast! We're looking for driven software engineers with experience in React, TypeScript, Next.js and Python to help build the next generation of Snowflake tooling.

If you're interested in joining the team, please head to the job posting. We're look forward to hearing from you!