Get up and running with SELECT in 15 minutes.

Zero Effort Savings

SELECT helps instantly lower your credit consumption by 10-20% with no effort required, freeing up budget for other valuable workloads.

SELECT automated savings feature

Understand Savings Potential

  • Understand savings potential for each virtual warehouse
  • Easily toggle the savings feature on and off for each virtual warehouse
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Automate Savings

  • Instantly save 10-20% with zero effort and visualize savings
  • SELECT automatically & continuously adjusts virtual warehouses to optimize utilization efficiency
  • Free up credits for more valuable workloads or faster performance
SELECT web application screenshot

Hear firsthand from SELECT's users.

Onboarding onto SELECT was quick and the instant insights made our spend management a lot more efficient. It's an absolute no-brainer to add to a Snowflake stack!

Gary James
Senior Analytics Engineer
Beauty Pie

Engaging with SELECT was nothing short of transformative for our operations. Their fast and seamless integration effortlessly optimized our Snowflake warehouses, and we instantaneously reaped the benefits with a noticeable 20% reduction in our bill. But, it's not just about cost savings. SELECT's exceptional product stands as an invaluable tool for identifying costly query workloads, and it expertly guides us through efficient remediation processes. It's a must-have investment where the ROI isn't future promise — it's present fact.

Aaron Siegel
Director of Data
Chili Piper

We got up and running with SELECT in about 20 minutes and we're able to drop our usage by 15% in just two days, which freed up budget for other workloads. Our team was able to focus on other valuable business initiatives instead of worrying optimizing costs and building out our own monitoring. Awesome product!

Marcus Wong
Director of Business Intelligence

Learn your optimization potential in minutes

Securely connect your Snowflake account to SELECT and immediately gain access to Snowflake usage insights and automated optimizations.

Explore other features of the SELECT platform

Complete cost visibility

Easily explore and monitor Snowflake usage

Automated Savings

Instantly save an average of 10-20% of your compute spend

Rich integrations

Understand consumption from connected data tools


Save hours of work with intelligent optimization recommendations

Comprehensive notifications

Get notifications directly to Slack and Teams for peace of mind

Flexible chargebacks and budgets

Allocate usage and set budgets for teams or projects by user, role and more