Setup Guide

Connecting additional Snowflake accounts

Step 1: Create new Snowflake user

In order to connect additional Snowflake accounts to SELECT, a new user with metadata access must be created by following the steps here.

Step 2: Ensure the account has access to the organization usage views

SELECT relies on data in the snowflake.organization_usage views to surface relevant information about your Snowflake spend. In order to access these views, the ORGADMIN role must be enabled in the account. This can be accomplished by submitting a ticket to Snowflake support. Here's an example message you can use:

Hi there, please can you add the orgadmin role to our account <account_id>? We'd like to be able to view the organization usage views in there.

Snowflake orgadmin role account request

Step 3: Connect the account

Once the user has been created, you can navigate to Settings -> Snowflake -> Add New and connect the account by following the steps outlined here.