Organization Overview

SELECT's Organization Overview Dashboard shows a breakdown of spend in each Snowflake account that is part of your organization. At a glance, you can see:

  1. How much each Snowflake account contributes to your overall spend
  2. How each account is trending in the given time period (% Change)
  3. Key information about each account, including the region, Snowflake Edition, and Snowflake credit pricing
  4. Which accounts you have connected to SELECT
Snowflake organization spend dashboard by account

You can also easily understand spend drivers in each account using the "Slice By" menu at the top right of the chart. In this view, we can quickly discover that the majority of the spend in the additional accounts in our Snowflake organization is coming from data transfer costs.

Snowflake organization spend dashboard by service

Leverage the filters at the top to zoom into a subset of accounts or look at specific services across your accounts.

Connecting additional accounts to SELECT

Step 1: Connect the account

To connect additional accounts to SELECT, click the "Connect" button in the table. This will take you to the "Add Account" form, with the information pre-populated based on the account you selected.

Refer to the instructions here for more details on the "Add Account" form.

Step 2: Create new Snowflake user

In order to connect additional Snowflake accounts to SELECT, a new user with metadata access must be created by following the steps here.

Once created, add those user details into the form.