Setup Guide

Connect your Snowflake Account

Once you've followed the steps to create a new Snowflake user and signed up for SELECT using the invitation sent to your email, follow the steps below to connect your Snowflake account.

Step 1: Click "Add Account"

Click the "Add Account" button on the home page, or navigate to Settings -> Snowflake -> Add New.

Step 2: Enter in your Snowflake account details

Enter Snowflake account info into SELECT

Here are some more details on each field:

  • Friendly Account Name: You can put whatever you want here. If you only have one Snowflake account, then it’s common to just put your company name, for example: “Cyberco”. If you plan to connect multiple Snowflake account to SELECT, name them in a way you’ll be able to differentiate them using the account switcher on the top left. For example, you could have “Cyberco Prod” and “Cyberco Dev”.
  • Account Identifier: An account identifier uniquely identifies a Snowflake account within your organization. There are two ways to find it, outlined below.
  • Username: This will be the name of the new Snowflake user you created for SELECT. For example, SELECT_USER.
  • Password: The password you specified for the new user.
  • [OPTIONAL] Role: If you'd like to use a different role than the default one specified in the Snowflake metadata access instructions, you can specify it here.
  • [OPTIONAL] Warehouse: If you'd like to use a different warehouse than the default one specified in the Snowflake metadata access instructions, you can specify it here.

If you encounter any difficulties, please contact support using the chat button on the bottom right and someone from our team will assist you right away.

Step 3: Hang tight!

Once the account has been successfully added, you’ll see a note on the home screen that your account’s initial sync is in progress. This usually takes 1-2 hours the first time it runs. You can reach out to the SELECT team to inquire about the sync status.

Finding your account identifier

Click the dropdown menu button at the bottom left of the sidebar in the Snowsight UI. Click the copy account identifier button.

Snowflake account identifier

Using the show organization accounts command

Use the following SQL to fetch details about all Snowflake accounts in your organization:

use role orgadmin;
show organization accounts;

Here’s an example output:


Your account identifier is then: <organization_name>.<account_name>, i.e. AKDOWIE.EW94810.

If you have multiple accounts and aren't sure which is the desired account using the information in the table, run select current_account() in the desired account which will return the account_locator to help find the corresponding entry in the table (note the account locator is different to the account identifier).

You can learn more about account identifiers here.