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A new Snowflake Organization section and organization-level Usage Groups

  • Niall Woodward
    Co-founder & CTO of SELECT

As a follow-up to the Snowflake Organization Cost Explorer we released last month, we're excited to announce a brand new Snowflake Organization section in SELECT.

Snowflake Organization Section

Using the updated account switcher, you can now switch between seeing details for a single Snowflake account view to all accounts in your Snowflake organization.

SELECT Snowflake account switcher

In the new Snowflake Organization section of SELECT, you'll see a brand new dashboard containing:

  1. A snapshot of your annual Snowflake organization spend
  2. A breakdown of this spend by account, service, warehouse and Usage Group
  3. A variety of filter options to help you further explore and analyze your usage patterns

In the sidebar, you'll see a different set of options than the usual "single" Snowflake Account view in SELECT:

  1. The Organization Cost Explorer
  2. Organization level Usage Groups (NEW!)
  3. The Snowflake Contract Utilization section
  4. Organization level Monitors
  5. Organization level settings

New Organization Level Usage Groups

As part of this change, we extended our Usage Groups feature to allow users to create Usage Groups across all accounts within your Snowflake Organization.

With organization-level Usage Groups, you can create groups using the following options:

  • Snowflake account
  • Service (Compute, Storage, Data Transfer, Serverless Tasks, etc.)
  • Snowflake Region (AWS_US_EAST_1, GCP_US_EAST4, AZURE_WESTEUROPE, etc.)
  • Warehouse Name
SELECT organization cost allocation with Usage Groups

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