Feature Overview

The Opsgenie integration lets users forward messages sent by SELECT Monitors (such as Spend Threshold alerts) directly to Opsgenie, allowing organizations to:

  • Benefit from the advanced routing capabilities from Opsgenie to dynamically forward messages to different teams and individuals, including on-call policies;
  • Use Opsgenie to acknowledge or escalate alerts based on their criticality;
  • Take advantage of Opsgenie reporting and analytics features to gain insights on how often alerts are triggered and how long it takes teams to acknowledge and resolve them.

Our Opsgenie integration works by leveraging our capability to deliver Monitor alerts by email and Opsgenie's native email integration.

Step 1: Enable the email integration on Opsgenie

The first step is to enable the Opsgenie account to receive notifications by email. You can do that by following Opsgenie's documentation. No special settings are needed. The email integration should look similar to the one in the image below.

Opsgenie email integration form

Don't forget to enable new Opsgenie integrations by pressing the blue "Turn on integration" button on the page above.

Friendly email addresses

By default, Opsgenie will generate a new email address with a unique random ID. We recommend changing it to a more descriptive address, which will help you distinguish different email integrations in the future.

Step 2: Add Opsgenie integration email address as a Monitor destination

The next step is to take the new email address that Opsgenie has created for the integration and add it as a Monitor destination here in SELECT, as seen below. More detailed instructions can be found in our Monitors documentation.

SELECT destination created

Step 3: Set up Monitors using the new destination

Once the destination is set up on SELECT, all that is left is to set up Monitors using the new destination.

SELECT Monitor created

Step 4: All done!

That's it! Now, Monitor alerts will be sent to Opsgenie and benefit from their forwarding and escalation rules, on-call policies, and schedules.

Opsgenie automatically converts email messages to plain text, making the alerts sent by our Monitors look like the one below.

Opsgenie Raw Message

However, you can always see the original message with our rich formatting and charts by accessing a file that Opsgenie automatically attaches to the incoming alert. To find the attachment, follow the red arrow shown in the image above.

Opsgenie Raw Message

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help setting up this or other integrations.