Setup Guide

Network Policies

If your Snowflake account has configured a network policy to restrict access based on IP address, you'll need to update the network policy to allow SELECT to connect to your Snowflake account.

If you're using Snowsight, head to Admin » Security » Network Policies. If you're using the Classic Web Interface, head to Account » Policies. From there, you can add our IP address,, to your "Allowed IP Addresses".

Updating an account wide network policy

If you are updating a network policy that is currently active for all users in your Snowflake account, no action is required once you've added the IP address to the allowed list.

Creating a new network policy

If you would instead prefer to create a new network policy containing our IP address, you must also activate that network policy for the SELECT user by running a command like:

alter user select_user set network_policy = your_new_network_policy_name

Additional resources

See the Snowflake documentation for more details, or reach out to using the chat button on the bottom right if you run into any issues.