Using Microsoft Teams for Snowflake Alerts

Spend Digests Overview

Staying on top of your Snowflake usage can be hard. To help you more easily keep an eye on your spend trends, we created spend digests for Microsoft Teams. Spend digests are a daily/weekly/monthly message sent to a channel of your choice in Teams. They are designed to help you easily keep tabs on your Snowflake spend, see if anything spiked, and understand what caused the spike if so.

Here’s a recent example of the daily spend digest for our Snowflake account:

SELECT Snowflake spend alerts in Microsoft Teams

Anytime something spikes, you can click straight into the relevant section of the SELECT web app (i.e. the warehouse page) and understand what drove the increase.

Setup Instructions

Head to the Settings page and enable the Teams integration from the Alerts tab:

SELECT Teams integration enable

Next, create a new Incoming Webhook for the channel you want to receive spend digests by following the Teams documentation in your teams account. Once that is complete, you can add a new Microsoft Teams destination by clicking "Add New" on the destinations section of the Alerts page:

SELECT Teams alerts modal

Teams destinations have:

  • a friendly name
  • a webhook URL
  • an optional channel name to help you remember where it goes (the channel gets configured in the Incoming Webhook setup)
SELECT Teams alerts destinations

Whenever you add a new Teams destination or update a webhook, you’ll receive a test message like the one below (but with the name/image you chose) to make sure everything’s working.

SELECT Teams alerts test message

Configure the spend digests you want to receive for each Snowflake account you've connected. In the image below, we have daily and weekly digests for our "Analytics GCP" Snowflake Account and monthly digests for our "BI team" Snowflake account. Click "Update" to save.

SELECT Teams alerts settings

And that's it! You're now set up to receive spend digests at the specified frequencies.


I’ve updated the channel in my Teams destination but are digests are still going to the old one

  • Microsoft Teams webhooks are created for specific channels and are only authorised to send to that channel. The channel name is just to help remember where digests will go.
  • If you’d like to change the channel a destination sends alerts to, you can create a webhook for the new channel and update your destination
  • If you’d like to change the channel for one account without affecting other accounts, you create a new webhook for a new destination then set the account you wish to change to use that destination

I’ve set up a Teams destination but there aren’t any digests coming through

  • Make sure the account for which you want to receive spend digests has a destination and at least one period set (as per the last screenshot)
  • When you configure spend digests for the first time, you should receive your first one within 24 hours. Reach out to the SELECT team if you do not.