Initial setup

  1. Install pipx
pip install pipx
pipx ensurepath
  1. Install tox
pipx install tox
  1. Install pre-commit
pipx install pre-commit
pre-commit install
  1. Configure your profile (follow the prompts)
dbt init

Adding a CHANGELOG Entry

We use changie to generate CHANGELOG entries. Note: Do not edit the CHANGELOG.md directly. Your modifications will be lost.

Follow the steps to install changie for your system.

Once changie is installed and your PR is created, simply run changie new and changie will walk you through the process of creating a changelog entry. Commit the file that's created and your changelog entry is complete!


We use SQLFluff to keep SQL style consistent. By installing pre-commit per the initial setup guide above, SQLFluff will run automatically when you make a commit locally. A GitHub action automatically tests pull requests and adds annotations where there are failures.

Lint all models in the /models directory:

tox -e lint_all

Fix all models in the /models directory:

tox -e fix_all

Lint (or subsitute lint to fix) a specific model:

tox -e lint -- models/path/to/model.sql

Lint (or subsitute lint to fix) a specific directory:

tox -e lint -- models/path/to/directory


Enforced rules are defined within tox.ini. To view the full list of available rules and their configuration, see the SQLFluff documentation.