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Dismissable insights

  • Niall Woodward
    Co-founder & CTO of SELECT

SELECT's insights engine generates a broad range of insights for your account. Some insights won't be actionable, due to the nature of the data or latency requirements as examples.

We've added the ability for users to dismiss insights, so that they can be hidden. A message can be optionally added for future reference to understand why the insight was dismissed.

Insights can be dismissed either from the insight detail card, or using the bulk dismissal action. To dismiss multiple insights, click the ellipsis button to the right of 'All Insights' and then 'Bulk dismiss'.

Dismissing insights in SELECT

A note explaining why the insights were dismissed can optionally be added for future reference.

Dismissing insights in SELECT

To see dismissed insights, use the dismissed status filter. Dismissed insights can be easily un-dismissed again through the insights detail card or in bulk. Dismissed insights show when the insight was dismissed, by whom, and the comment if supplied.

Dismissing insights in SELECT

Note that dismissing insights requires the editor or admin role within SELECT.

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