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Announcing Budgets!

  • Niall Woodward
    Co-founder & CTO of SELECT

A critical element of cost management is the ability to set budgets for the different areas of your business and monitor spend against those budgets. When it comes to Snowflake cost management, things are no different.

We’re excited to announce the release of Budgets. Budgets allow you to set a monthly or yearly budget for each Usage Group you’ve created. You can then monitor progress against that budget, and see if any groups are forecasted to exceed their budget in the given period.

SELECT Budgets feature for Snowflake cost management

One of our customers recently said something to us that resonated:

I don’t want to police costs. I want to create a culture of costs.

You’ll be fighting a losing battle if you’re constantly chasing members in your organization to tackle costs. Our goal with SELECT is to help you build a culture of cost awareness and ownership, and empower everyone with the tools to easily understand and optimize those costs. We believe Budgets are a great building block in that direction.

Head to our docs to learn more.

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