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Email integration for Monitors

  • Fernando Brito
    Software Engineer at SELECT
  • Ian Gray
    Software Engineer at SELECT

Last month, we announced the release of Monitors, a feature that enables our users to set up scheduled digests or receive notifications when certain spend thresholds are exceeded in their Organization, Account, Warehouse, or Usage Group.

In addition to the existing Slack and Microsoft Teams integration, users can now also have messages delivered by email. The email address can be their own, a colleague's, a group email belonging to another team, or even the email address from tools that offer email integrations, such as OpsGenie or PagerDuty.

Monitor email integration

The email message looks similar to the ones in the existing Slack and Microsoft Teams integration. It includes a quick summary of what has happened and a period-over-period comparison, a bar chart showing the spend evolution over time and a table with the top spend contributors, all dynamically adapted to the periodicity and settings chosen when setting up the monitor.

Monitor email integration example

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