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Data sharing and ability to reveal SQL now in beta

  • Ian Whitestone
    Co-founder & CEO of SELECT

Many of our customers ask us if they can query the data we show in SELECT. Next year, we plan to support this by offering a Native Application you can install in your account. In the meantime, we’ve added new data sharing capabilities.

If you’d like to directly access the data shown in SELECT, you can request a data share to be setup for you. We have a limited number of early access spaces, so please reach out to our team if you are interested.

To help users understand how to query the datasets we surface in the data share, we've added some really cool functionality. Once enabled, you can hover over any chart or table in SELECT and you will see a little code icon appear in the top left. Copy the SQL code and run it directly in your Snowflake account. You’ll see the exact data used to populate the UI in SELECT!

Head to our documentation for more details on how to get set up.

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