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Understanding Fivetran Snowflake costs

  • Niall Woodward
    Co-founder & CTO of SELECT

We’re excited to announce Fivetran support, our first ingestion tool integration. In addition to the monthly active rows charges from Fivetran, Snowflake users must pay for the associated compute costs from Fivetran loading the data into their Snowflake account. The Fivetran integration attributes query costs to each table loaded by Fivetran. Users can leverage this information in conjunction with Fivetran's charges to understand the total cost associated with loading a given data asset.

SELECT Fivetran integration dashboard overview part 1

Similar to our other integrations, users can dive into a variety of historical cost and performance statistics for each Fivetran workload, and see each historical query run.

SELECT Fivetran integration dashboard overview part 2

Follow our Fivetran setup instructions to configure the integration in a few minutes. SELECT only requires the Snowflake user name used by Fivetran to load data.

Get up and running with SELECT in 15 minutes.

Snowflake optimization & cost management platform

Gain visibility into Snowflake usage, optimize performance and automate savings with the click of a button.

SELECT web application screenshot

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