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Snowflake Logo, Brand Guidelines & Icons (2024)

  • Ian Whitestone
    Co-founder & CEO of SELECT

Oftentimes, we find ourselves needing to download the official Snowflake company logo or reference their brand guidelines, for presentations or other related materials. It is surprisingly difficult to find, as Google search results are flooded with unofficial logos or third-party brand aggregator websites that aren’t trustworthy or up to date.

Instead, we wanted to share how you can find & download the official Snowflake logos, brand guidelines & useful icons from their website.

Head to then click the "Logos" button to download all the logos:

Snowflake logo download location

Snowflake Logos (transparent, PNG, SVG and more!)

Once you click download from the link above, you’ll get a few different versions of the Snowflake logo in PNG, SVG, AI (Adobe Illustrator), and EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) formats:

  1. Full logo in blue & white.
Snowflake full logo
  1. The logo bug in blue and white. Fun fact: a “logo bug” is the official name of a simplified version of a company’s logo. In this case, it’s the familiar part of the Snowflake logo without the “snowflake” text.
Snowflake bug logo

Snowflake Brand Guidelines

On the Snowflake brand guidelines page, you'll find a bunch of useful information around Snowflake's brand guidelines:

  1. Their official typefaces
  2. The colour palette including the exact hex color codes
  3. UI elements
  4. Partner guidelines & logo usage instructions

Snowflake Icons

When putting together an architecture diagram related to Snowflake infrastructure or data flows, it's incredibly helpful to have a set of icons to work with that highlight the relevant pieces of Snowflake technology or general data cloud components. Snowflake has an amazing set of icons that are perfect for this purpose, but tricky to find!

On the Snowflake brand guidelines page, there is a section to download their slides template:

Snowflake icons download

If you scroll down to slide ~70, you'll see over 5 slides containing a bunch of awesome icons you can work from. Here's a sample of what's there to give you some inspiration:

Snowflake icons sample 1
Snowflake icons sample 2
Snowflake icons sample 3

Always head to the Snowflake website for the most up to date resources

This page is only meant to serve as a guide for how and where to access the relevant Snowflake brand materials and guidelines. Please do not download or directly leverage content from this page, as it may become out of date.

Hope that helps!

Ian Whitestone
Co-founder & CEO of SELECT
Ian is the Co-founder & CEO of SELECT, a SaaS Snowflake cost management and optimization platform. Prior to starting SELECT, Ian spent 6 years leading full stack data science & engineering teams at Shopify and Capital One. At Shopify, Ian led the efforts to optimize their data warehouse and increase cost observability.