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Insights from Niall on dbt Labs' Analytics Engineering Podcast


Insights from Niall on dbt Labs' Analytics Engineering Podcast

As organizations continue to leverage Snowflake, the popular cloud-based data warehousing platform, managing costs associated with Snowflake usage has become a critical consideration. To shed light on this topic, Niall was recently featured on the dbt Labs podcast, hosted by Tristan Handy, CEO of dbt Labs, and Julia Schottenstein from the product team at dbt Labs. Also joining the conversation was Brad Culberson, Principal Architect at Snowflake, bringing a wealth of expertise on optimizing Snowflake.

In the podcast episode titled "Cloud Warehouse Cost Optimization," Niall shared practical insights and actionable steps that organizations can take to effectively manage and reduce their Snowflake costs. Niall drew from his extensive experience in working with organizations to optimize their data analytics infrastructure and drive cost efficiency.

Throughout the podcast, Niall delved into various aspects of Snowflake cost management, including understanding Snowflake's pricing model, optimizing storage and compute usage, and utilizing SELECT's dbt package to identify high-cost queries and workloads. Niall also provided valuable tips on monitoring and tracking Snowflake costs, establishing budget controls, and implementing cost-saving measures without compromising performance.

The conversation on the podcast was dynamic and informative, with Tristan, Julia, and Brad offering their perspectives and engaging in an insightful discussion with Niall. Listeners gained practical knowledge and actionable strategies to implement within their organizations, helping them make informed decisions and achieve cost-effective data analytics operations with Snowflake.

To listen to the full episode of the dbt Labs podcast, head to the episode on Spotify. Happy listening!

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