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Everything you need, out of the box

SELECT is a SaaS application dedicated to helping Snowflake customers automate savings, quickly identify and implement optimization opportunities and control their usage with ease.

Complete Cost Visibility

  • Instantly discover your biggest cost centers
  • Easily explore and monitor workloads
  • Quickly locate and resolve spikes
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Automated Savings

  • Instantly save between 10-30% with zero effort
  • SELECT automatically & continuously adjusts virtual warehouses to optimize utilization efficiency
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Insights & Recommendations

  • SELECT's intelligent insights engine continuously analyzes your Snowflake account
  • Tailored recommendations reveal further optimizations while saving teams hours of time
  • Filter and search recommendations by service, resource, or estimated savings
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Prebuilt Integrations

  • SELECT integrates with your stack to provide rich cost attribution including custom applications
  • Understand how dbt models, dashboards and query patterns are performing and driving spend
  • Easily identify inefficient dbt usage or dashboard performance bottlenecks
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Comprehensive Notifications

  • Get alerted about abnormal usage in your Snowflake account through Slack, Teams and Email
  • Receive periodic spend digests to stay on top of your bill and remain within contract
  • Route notifications to teams, channels and users
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Usage Groups

  • Allocate costs to teams, projects and departments
  • Encourage efficient use of Snowflake
  • Flexibly allocate costs for shared warehouses using user or query metadata
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Hear firsthand from SELECT's users.

SELECT helped us monitor and reduce our overall Snowflake spend by almost 60%. The reporting let me find in bottlenecks in minutes that would’ve otherwise taken weeks to dig through metadata and sort out. The automated warehouse savings feature alone is saving us over $10k a month across our accounts.

Garrett McClintock
Analytics Engineering Manager

SELECT's app has become an invaluable resource to our company. It clearly breaks down our costs to allow us to focus on the most important areas of cost. SELECT has repeatedly surfaced inefficient common query patterns, and has helped us spot 200 TiB of unused tables to drop, resulting in continued significant cost savings. SELECT is always adding new features to help their customers better understand and reduce their spending. We can't recommend them highly enough!

Sean Abraham
Senior Principal Software Engineer

SELECT is a team favorite - its cost monitoring and auto savings give us peace of mind that our Snowflake spend is in check. The platform’s detailed insights across SQL queries, dbt, and Looker usage provides a comprehensive view into credit spend that is unmatched by other solutions. SELECT has helped us significantly decrease our annual run rate and optimize how we use Snowflake.

Dan Corcoran
Senior Data Engineering Manager

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