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Warehouse Cluster Utilization Metrics

  • Niall Woodward
    Co-founder & CTO of SELECT

When using multi-cluster warehouses, the max_cluster_count setting can have significant implications on both cost and performance.

To help users make more informed decisions around this setting, we’ve released a brand new Cluster Utilization Tab to the Warehouses page.

You’ll see a number of helpful metrics including:

  • Spend per cluster
  • Idle time spend per cluster
  • Utilization efficiency per cluster
  • Warehouse queuing metrics
  • Average number of queries running per cluster

If you see clusters with low utilization efficiency and high idle-time costs, consider reducing the max_cluster_count setting to avoid unnecessary spending. Leverage the query queueing and other performance metrics we surface to validate your changes haven’t had any unacceptable implications on performance.

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