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Quickly understand a Snowflake Table's Top Users

  • Ian Gray
    Software Engineer at SELECT

If you are planning to deprecate a table in Snowflake, or there is a data quality issue, it is important to understand which people or systems are using the table. SELECT customers can now easily understand which users are regularly accessing a Snowflake table, and see the associated costs.

Snowflake tables top users table by cost

From the table page, click the Users tab to see a history of all Snowflake users that used the table within the given time range. By default, the table is ordered by cost, but you can sort it by any other column.

It is common practice for BI tools to use a single Snowflake user. To give deeper insights in this case, add the “BI Tool User” column, which highlights the BI tool username.

Snowflake tables top users with optional BI tool user column enabled

Not available for Snowflake Standard Edition Customers

This feature relies on the Snowflake access history view which is not available for customers on the Standard Edition of Snowflake.

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