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View individual dbt runs over time

  • Niall Woodward
    Co-founder & CTO of SELECT

SELECT users can now visualize their dbt runs at the per-run granularity.

Using the new option (selected by default) on the dbt runs page, individual runs are plotted on the chart, rather than aggregated to the hourly, daily, weekly or monthly grain. This makes it much easier to spot outliers, and understand precise timings and costs.

Hovering over rows in the table below highlights the associated run in the chart, and vice versa. Click into individual runs in the table or chart to view more detail and access the timing chart.

In addition to this new granularity, we've added both average duration and cost metrics to the hourly, daily, weekly and monthly grains. We've also added the ability to filter runs based on their command text, which makes it easy to filter just for dbt run commands containing e.g. tag:daily.

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