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Serverless workloads support

  • Niall Woodward
    Co-founder & CTO of SELECT

Snowflake's serverless features (Snowpipe, Automatic Clustering, Search Optimization, etc.) can quickly become a large portion of customers' spend. Out of the box, Snowflake does not provide any visibility or insight into the drivers behind this spend or how to reduce costs. When one of these services spike, users must manually investigate by writing and running a series of SQL queries against the account_usage views.

As part of our mission to help streamline Snowflake cost exploration and monitoring, we're excited to announce support for serverless workloads. With this launch, we're releasing out of the box support with Snowpipe and Automatic Clustering. Users can now easily understand their serverless spend drivers and monitor costs over time, with no configuration required.

SELECT serverless workloads integration dashboard overview

In addition to this, we're providing tailored recommendations on how these serverless workloads can be optimized. For example, many customers can lower their Snowpipe costs by batching files, or by switching to a scheduled COPY INTO load.

SELECT snowpipe recommendations

Support for other serverless workloads such as Serverless Tasks, Search Optimization, Query Acceleration and Materialized Views will be available in a future release.

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