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Looker integration


We’re excited to announce Looker support, our first business intelligence (BI) tool integration. As BI tooling can drive significant Snowflake usage, it’s important to understand the cost each dashboard's queries in these tools.

The Looker integration attributes query costs to dashboards.

SELECT Looker integration dashboard overview

Use the query timeline view to understand performance bottlenecks or costly queries, or leverage the Cost and Performance tabs to see how dashboard usage statistics have been trending. On the Run History tab, you’ll see a complete history of all dashboard runs including which user triggered the run and any error messages they saw.

SELECT Looker integration dashboard overview

Follow our Looker setup instructions to configure the integration in less than 10 minutes.

Get up and running with SELECT in 15 minutes.

Lower your Snowflake spend

Gain visibility into costs, optimize performance and automatically save up to 40% on your Snowflake spend with the click of a button.

SELECT web application screenshot

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